Misraj AI helps financial institutions and startups develop smart digital products that unlock customer-centric service, new revenue models, and tremendous capabilities to succeed in the highly competitive landscape.

How we improve finance using technology.

Our AI products and services are tailored to enhance every aspect of finance and banking.

Fraud detection

Proactively identify instances of tax fraud and use machine learning algorithms to correlate high-frequency transactions in disparate systems to pinpoint fraudulent activity.

Digital payments

Use computer vision and voice recognition to enable face- and voice-based payments.

Risk management

Automate the analysis of historical data patterns to assess loan and credit risks.

Intelligent process automation

Adopt AI to automate manual tasks such as KYC, AML, invoice processing, reporting, and data entry.

Investment robo-advisors

Use the advice from AI-based robots that analyze massive amounts of data to help you make more informed investment decisions.

Anti–money laundering

Use intelligent algorithms to spot alerting patterns in customer operations and reduce false positives.


Match backers with fundraisers based on the collected data as well as forecasts made by AI.

Data-driven insurance

Use comprehensive data and predictive analytics to predict risks and customize insurance plans for each customer accordingly.

Technology to boost finance.


Big data and smart data

Internet of Things

Computer vision

Natural language processing

The ultimate benefits of AI driven Fintech.

See how the finance industry is reaping the benefits of AI.

Easier compliance

AI cuts fines and lawsuits by improving compliance and security.

Lower costs

Process automation reduces human involvement, saving you money and allowing your staff to work more intelligently and efficiently.

Free credit flow

AI helps raise the number of quality credits and loans by speeding up scoring and approval.

Better service

Service automation and data analysis help meet the needs of each customer.

Less loss

Use AI to stop losing funds to bad loans, poorly calculated insurance premium, and fraud.

Our Fintech development services

Use case concepting

Our data experts will pick use cases based on your goals and challenges to put together a high-level plan and a proof-of-value for you.

Roadmap creation

Based on the use cases you have selected, we will set up a roadmap for the development of your AI software and implementation of smart data ideas.


Get a prototype of your prospective application and use it in a test environment to validate and improve your concept.

Architecture and infrastructure

Achieve the highest ROI in data storage, integration, security, privacy, and management with the optimal data architecture and cloud strategy we will set up for you.

AI implementation

We will introduce AI into your enterprise ecosystem so you can not only collect large sets of data but glean insights and patterns and make predictions.

Data management

We will build the data management system of your application with a single source of truth at its core, ensuring that your data is always available, actionable, secure, and consistent across the entire organization.

Real—world applications of our expertise

We are developing cutting-edge products to transform the world through the power of artificial intelligence.

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