Internet of Things

We enable IoT adopters to go beyond a mere collection of data and uncover actionable insight with the help of robust analytical platforms that make the most of big data, machine learning, cognitive computing, and other science-backed technologies.

IoT data platforms

Building a scalable data management platform that collects, stores, and analyzes data from gateways and sensors across networks.

Embedded, sensor-level analytics

Making IoT devices and sensors smarter, more independent, and able to make intelligent decisions by turning large volumes of raw data into complex analytics.

Data governance

We make sure that your data is always available, clean, up-to-date, secure, consistent, and ready for integration with AI, ML, IoT, and other technologies.

Intelligent automation

Applying AI to sensor data to make IoT devices more autonomous, in turn allowing machines to analyze the current context, predict the next steps, and take automated actions.

Cognitive computing

Developing systems that rely on data mining, natural language processing, and computer vision to mimic the human brain — understand, reason, and learn.

Real—world applications of our expertise

We are developing cutting-edge products to transform the world through the power of artificial intelligence.

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