AI & Data Science

Our data science team uses AI and ML techniques to build smart machines capable of extracting knowledge from structured and unstructured data and using it to enhance decision-making, make predictions, automate tedious routines, and much more.

Association rule learning

A rule-based machine learning method that enables discovery of associations in one or multiple large data sets.

Deep learning

A network of artificial neurons that enables a computer to learn to recognize patterns — almost like a human brain.

Bayesian networks

A probabilistic graphical model used to build models from data and expert opinion for predictions, anomaly detection, and more.

Genetic algorithms

Stochastic search algorithms that act on a population of possible solutions to a problem to find the “fittest” one.

Heuristic algorithms

A problem-solving method designed to find a faster and more efficient solution in a limited time frame or deadline while working with complex data.

Reinforcement learning

Training of machine learning models to come up with solutions to a problem in uncertain, complex environments.

Inductive logic programming

Using the expressive and declarative first-order logic to tackle problems involving structured data and background knowledge.

Sparse dictionary learning

A machine learning method aimed at finding a sparse representation of training data and used for compressed sensing and signal processing.

Generic rule-based machine learning

Identifying and utilizing a set of rules that collectively represent the knowledge collected by the system.

Real—world applications of our expertise

We are developing cutting-edge products to transform the world through the power of artificial intelligence.

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